As one of the hardest workable stones, Granite is an excellent and popular choice for a wide range of applications and situations. It is extremely durable, hard wearing and each piece has its own unique pattern and design. It is used for benchtops, floors, walls and heavily used areas.

Granite is extremely durable being resistant to abrasion and normal domestic wear and tear. Granite is essentially resistant to all chemicals found in the domestic setting and with correct sealing and cleaning it will not stain in normal use.

With almost any natural colour available Granite is sourced from all over the world where different quarries produce their own unique form. You are welcome to come down to our workshops in Williamstown to look at a wide range of samples to help you choose the right one for you.


Marble is not as  hard wearing and durable as granite but like granite can be polished and its applications are similar. It timeless and elegant appearance makes it a popular stone choice for kitchens and bathrooms, floors, walls and fire places.

Marble can be vulnerable to abrasion or cutting, due to the nature of the stone not consisting of the harden levels of granite and reconstituted stone and this should be taken into consideration when considering its use. In its most popular environment, the kitchen, harm can be prevented by the use of cutting boards and similar measures of the sort which most frequently arise from kitchen utensils. Generally though Marble with correct sealing and cleaning it will not stain in normal use.

Reconstituted (Engineered) Stone

Engineered or Reconstituted stone is an artificial or manmade stone created with the use of resin, metals and minerals. Consistency and uniformity of colour makes its use a perfect choice. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes and Vision Stone is able to provide Engineered Stone from the following leading suppliers:


The following are a number of standard profiles for the exposed edges of your stone pieces. Vision Stone will help you choose which options will work for your projects. If you have a specific profile that you would like that is not listed here, we are able to accommodate.



To keep your Natural Stone in prime condition after Vision Stone have finished the installation, here are a few simple suggestions:

If Vision Stone have supplied and installed your stone and you have any maintenance problem or question please don’t hesitate to call us for assistance and advise. Remember we are the experts.